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All millionaires have diversified investment portfolios with real estate making more money than any other investment. Real estate is one of the best investments, and here are the reasons why:

  • You have more options in a real estate investment property.
  • It is more consistent than any other type of investment.
  • Real estate can be leased, developed, subdivided, or have parcels added. You can also refinance, rehab, or rezone.
  • It is a bankable investment, which can be leveraged.
  • With as little as 10% down, you can use the bank’s money to grow your investments.
  • There are tax benefits available with investment properties.

At Groupe Halder Group, we have strategies to work with Power Investor clients in order for them to reach their investment goals and achieve financial freedom using real estate.

Our experienced team of solid real estate professionals have build a strong reputation in all aspects of real estate management services. Since 2007, we have earned the trust of our clients from residential buyers to private investors. We share the same goals with our clients-to create and build long-term real estate value. Assets under management are in the multi-millions of dollars for local and foreign investors.

Our Power Investors Programs allows individual to become property owner with very little minimum, regardless of their credit history or reliable income source.*

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