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Leading Commercial Real Estate Advisor and Broker in Quebec 

Groupe HALDER Group works with investors and corporate occupiers. We manage real estate interests in Quebec and Ontario. We understand and listen to our clients’ objectives, then provide responsive and intelligent solutions, which add value, protect investments, and deliver great results over a relatively short period of time.

We use every resource available to us to make sure our clients have great work environments and maximize their returns on their investments.

Working with Sudha Halder, a real estate investor can benefit from both markets in Quebec and Ontario to gain stability during market volatilities.

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Residential real estate brokerage in Quebec

Groupe HALDER Group operates under the banner of Vendirect in Quebec. With this combination of local knowledge and expertise, you will get the best advice when buying or selling a residential property in Quebec or Ontario.

Part of Groupe HALDER Group’s network specializes in prime residential properties. We know the importance of leveraging steady growth and increasing market share. We offer a smooth buying or selling experience from start to finish.

Looking to buy or sell your property? It all begins here - knowing the real market value of your property. Whether buying or selling, complete the form below and receive a free property evaluation report.

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Expertise, Results, Outstanding Service

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How to Value an Income PROPERTY
Sudha giving seminar at BNI Decarie on income property evaluation

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